I’m a certified Pink Ribbon Program instructor, and I would be honoured to work alongside you, as a breast cancer survivor.



We often think of “women’s health” as only comprising those areas below the waist, but there is so much more to the equation! What defines us as women is a richly woven tapestry of attributes, both physical and emotional. Our breast health and upper body mobility are a part of how we embrace and enjoy our lives.

The Pink Ribbon Program is designed to ensure that every woman has the ability to regain a sense of wellbeing that may have been lost from diagnosis, through surgery, and into recovery. This can be achieved, in part, through a exercise therapy program tailored specifically for the needs and challenges of breast cancer survivors.

Rehabilitation is a key component often missing in the treatment of breast cancer.

The Pink Ribbon Program has been created to enhance recovery for breast cancer patients. The program helps stretch and strengthen shoulders, chest and back, allowing you to improve your range of motion to those areas most affected by breast cancer surgery, treatment and reconstruction.



  • Regain strength and mobility in affected shoulder and arm
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage, helping to prevent lymphedema
  • Improves functional ability and quality of life
  • Enhances and restores energy levels
  • Assists in restoring posture
  • Decreases stress and anxiety
  • Alleviates pain and swelling