Robyn is, quite simply, the best. She’s a delight to spend time with, and she’s an undeniable expert in her field. Most importantly, she makes the challenging journey from a serious, painful injury back to a healthy, strong body feel easy.

After a life-threatening injury, Robyn’s careful attention and encouragement has given me so much! The pain has diminished, my mobility and strength have returned, and I feel like I’ve gotten my life (and body) back!  I’ve loved working with Robyn, and recommend her to everyone I know.” 

- Monica C.

“Before working with Robyn, I suffered from whiplash, scoliosis, and terrible posture. I felt constantly drained and in pain, and working at a desk job certainly made it worse.

Working with Robyn was a better fit than all of the physiotherapy I’ve been doing. She is encouraging and makes each session productive and so enjoyable!

My back has made the biggest transformation in appearance, and strength. Many of my friends and family commented on how much my posture has changed. Robyn has truly changed my body and my life!”

- Clare S.

I’ve never been athletic and I’ve always shied away from most things fitness-related, but I’ve had a significant knee injury which will likely result in arthritis. I decided to try Pilates as a gentle way to improve overall conditioning and take stress off of my joints.

I’ve been practicing Pilates twice a week with Robyn for over a year. I can’t recommend her highly enough. My small complaints have been corrected and I’ve notice improvement in other areas, like my lower back and neck.”

- Merrie W.

“As someone who has mobility issues due to injury, working with Robyn has for me meant the difference between pursuing my fitness goals and staying inactive due to fear of re-injury. Robyn’s attention to form and her intuitive understanding of technique has allowed me to continue practicing pilates in a safe and effective way. Her care and genuine compassion are second only to her skill as a practitioner.

- Jared

Robyn is a fantastic Pilates instructor with a deep knowledge of body mechanics.

After a lumbar disc herniation in my L4/L5 disc, I was experiencing significant low-back pain and nerve symptoms in my leg during routine activities – sitting, standing, and walking could all be excruciating. My work with Robyn has brought me back to complete functionality in all my normal tasks, and I have gained enough core strength and confidence in movement to get back to a gym routine. I also appreciate that she worked closely with my physiotherapist to further speed my recovery and help me better understand how to perform my physio exercises effectively.

I can’t thank Robyn enough!

- Chantal D.

As an active person, I consider Robyn’s sessions a key element to my long term good health and preventing injuries.

I have been seeing Robyn for about 5 months and in that time I’ve become more self-aware of how small changes to my form can dramatically change the effectiveness of working out. Robyn provides excellent visual cues during the sessions, but those cues are easily transferable to everyday activities, as it informs how I stand and walk, and are helpful when I do at-home exercises.

My posture has changed for the better, as well as my running form, and I feel taller and stronger after each session.

- Clara L.

“I highly recommend Robyn Thaler-Hickey as a qualified pilates instructor. Robyn demonstrates a strong understanding of pilates techniques and personalizes exercises to benefit each client’s fitness needs. She motivates and encourages me at each session. She clearly explains the purpose and benefits of each exercise. Robyn has helped me to improve my posture and build core strength to increase my endurance in swimming and cycling.”

- Dana D.

I came to see Robyn to fix my chronic lower back issues for good. Robyn was quick to assess my limitations of movement (which were many) and set about getting me back on track.

As I saw results, I started to increase my visits. Robyn varies our sessions with so many different exercises that I am long past counting. Her approach has been measured and consistently more difficult as I have become stronger.

Robyn is dedicated to the mechanical and anatomical side of Pilates, and is happy to explain things to me in detail. Her love of anatomy is infectious.

Robyn’s sessions have seriously added to the quality of my life. Getting out of bed pain free, being able to shovel my driveway, being able to carry camera equipment around all day without fatigue or pain – these are small but tangible improvements in my daily life. I am ready to start up other activities I haven’t been able to do in years.”

- John C.