Rebalance Pilates Kick Start your Fall Challenge

I always think of Fall as the beginning of the year. I know, January 1 blah blah blah, but to me September always feels like it is a new start, a new year. Maybe it’s because I equate it with the school year starting.

The Fall can be chaotic. Coming out of the heat of summer and racing around to get your kids into schools and extracurriculars, new work projects, figuring out your own extracurriculars and how you want to shape your year.

With the additional chaos added by COVID-19, everyone feels even more unbalanced and disconnected. I think we can all agree that your health MATTERS more than ever right now and I want to help you get back on track with your fitness!

Doing movement (any movement) is an excellent way to reconnect with yourself. I would love to be part of that reconnection journey with you.

On Monday September 28, I am launching the free 5-day full-body Rebalance Pilates Kick Start your Fall Challenge!

This challenge is designed to give you a break from the COVID chaos; to reconnect with yourself, leaving you feeling taller, more at home in your body and ready to take on the rest of your day.

Pilates is known for building core strength, lengthening muscles and toning the body. These classes are no exception. We use light weights to amp up our full-body workouts, targeting not only arms, but abs and glutes as well.

The Pilates Kick Start Challenge is a FREE 5-day challenge open to all levels of Pilates enthusiasts.

To sign up and save your spot click here. After you register you’ll get an invitation to join the Rebalance Pilates Online private Facebook group.

Starting Monday September 28 to Friday October 2, at 12:15pm, a Live 30-minute class will take place in the group via Facebook Live.

Can’t make the Live class? No worries! Classes will be available in the Rebalance Pilates Online Facebook Group for up to a week.

I would also encourage you to tag a friend to join you for this 5-day challenge. Having someone to hold you accountable during this challenge and in your fitness journey post-challenge, is a great way to help keep you on track with your movement and fitness goals. It’s also fun to have someone to talk with about how much you loved/hated an exercise I made you do!

Let’s Kick off the Fall together.



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Kick Start your Fall Pilates Challenge runs from Monday September 28- October 2, 2020


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