Give the Gift of Movement

I love window shopping.

The browsing, thinking of my friends and families personalities and interests, in search for the perfect gift.

I am one of those people who doesn’t know what to get someone until I see it, and when I see it, I KNOW it will bring a smile to their face.

But I can’t window shop this year. And doing a deep dive into the internet is fun and all, but, honestly, I don’t want to spend more time staring at my computer then I already do. 

If you are like me, then I want to make this year’s Holiday shopping easy for you. If you have someone on your list who loves to move, to workout, wants to try new forms of fitness but can’t because gyms and studios are closed- I have the gift for you. 

Rebalance Pilates at Home has gift cards! This year, you can give the Gift of Movement.

Just pick the subscription you would like to buy for your friends and family, and click the ‘Buy as a Gift’ button in the top right hand corner. Follow the prompts to buy a one-month, three-month or group class subscription to Rebalance Pilates at Home.

Easy. Peasy. Holiday shopping done.



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