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Are you craving human connection right now in your workouts? I am. More than ever. And as someone who works with bodies in front of them, finding the nuances of movements with clients, laughing together, connecting with my clients and learning about their lives- this pandemic has, for lack of a better word, sucked.

I miss people.

I love my streaming site, but I miss engaging with people in-person. So I’ve decided to offer a new subscription, one where you have access to the full class catalogue AND you get a live zoom group class with me! This is the best way to stay connected ‘in-person’ in our current health climate and to foster a greater dialogue between you and me and your movement.

The new subscription is called the ‘Pilates Group Class’.

This is my most full-access subscription available. Not only do you get access to the full catalgue of classes (over 70 videos and growing), you also get to work out with me live over Zoom.

The subscription is aimed at having you do at least one workout with me a week, but I understand only one class time might not work for everyone’s schedules. That’s why I’m offering a second group class a week. This is the ‘make up’ class or ‘bonus’ class for if you cannot make the other class. If you are able to do both classes a week- fantastic! You are benefitting even more from Pilates movement!

The beauty of the subscription is that it also gives you access to the full catalogue of on-demand classes. So let’s say you miss both live classes one week, you still have many pre-recorded Pilates classes available to you to keep you active and moving.

I have questions and answers below outlining how the new subscription works.

I’m excited about this new avenue for my streaming site, Rebalance Pilates at Home. I don’t know about you, but I miss working out with people in-person. This is a great alternative.

I hope you will join me on this new adventure!



How long are the classes?
The classes are 45 minutes long.
How do the classes work?
When you sign up for the ‘Pilates Group Class’ subscription, you will be sent two Zoom links, one for Tuesdays at 12:15pm (EST) and the other for Saturdays at 9am (EST). I will keep classes open for 15 minutes, if no one has joined that class I will close the link for the day.
When does this subscription become active?
The first class starts on Tuesday October 6, 2020.
Do I have to register to save my spot?
Your subscription is your registration! You will be sent Zoom links once you have purchased your subscription.
Do I have to turn my camera on during the workout?
Nope! You do not need to turn your camera on if you don’t want to. The benefit of turning on the camera is so I can see you and make suggestions on how to refine your movement, but by no means feel you need to turn on the camera.
What if I miss a class?
The Group Class subscription is designed to encourage you to continue with your Pilates journey. I understand that not everyone can make a single, specific class time, which is why I am offering a second class during the week. Consider this to be a ‘make-up’ or ‘bonus’ class. And if you can make both classes that week, then you are only benefiting more from the work! The additional benefit of this package is: if you miss classes, you still have a full catalogue of classes available to explore!
Can I make up a class?
The subscription package is designed for you to have at least one live class a week, and I am offering a second class as a ‘make-up’ or ‘bonus’ class during the week. If there is a week where both live classes are missed, I would recommend taking advantage of the class catalogue. There are over 70 videos at your disposal to challenge and strengthen you.
Will the classes be recorded to watch later?
The live classes will not be recorded. If you miss a class, you have a full-catalogue of pre-recorded workouts to enjoy.
Will you add another live group class on a different day?
As demand grows, I will add more classes. This may affect subscription pricing.
What if the class needs to be cancelled?
If I am unable to teach the class or class is cancelled, you will be notified by email. I will do my best to find a suitable substitute instructor for the class so you are not affected. If I am unable to find a substitute, the class will be cancelled on that day.
I’m already a subscriber. How do I upgrade my subscription?
You will have to cancel your current subscription in order to re-subscribe. Unfortuantely, this extra step is a quirk of the subscription platform I’m using. Please ensure you cancel your current package before the next payment period in order to not be charged.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Once you have purchased your subscription it is your responsibility to manage it as you see fit. If you choose to cancel the ‘Pilates Group Class’ subscription for another Rebalance Pilates at Home subscription or to cancel fully, please make sure you have done so before the next payment period.


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