What is Pilates Interval Training?

I love Pilates. It is versatile and resonates with a wide and varied audience. Pilates also offers a lot of creativity to the instructor, with exercises easily modified, or built upon with the addition of a prop or a piece of equipment. Depending on the class and the instructor you will definitely leave your session feeling worked.

One thing Pilates is not necessarily know for is leaving you a sweaty mess. That doesn’t mean the work is easy; it just isn’t one of those modalities that raises the heart rate to the point of heavy sweating, like you would see in a HIIT class or a Spin class.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I like a little sweat. I don’t necessarily want to be a puddle on the floor, but I want to feel breathless after a workout, cheeks warm and reaching for my water.

So why not mix some low-intensity cardio in with the Pilates work to give it a little extra spice? That’s exactly what I’ve done with my Pilates Interval Training classes.

In these classes, I play with bringing the heart rate up with the cardio-based exercises, and then find control in the breath and movement with the Pilates-based work. I purposely keep the classes on the lower intensity side. By keeping the work low intensity, we are better able to apply the principles of Pilates to the non-Pilates work. Focusing on posture, pelvic floor, diaghramatic breath, glute engagement, and all the areas I speak about in my classes, we can execute the cardio work with precision. And as always, I offer many modifications to make the work accessible and achievable no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

I also find that by keeping the work low intensity, I can focus on building my endurance for the exercise, challenging myself and exploring my progress as I get stronger. 

The Pilates interval training classes are quick and fun! They will leave you breathless, more aware and awake in your body and ready to take on the rest of your day.

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