How to navigate Rebalance Pilates at Home

I’ve gotten questions on how to best navigate the content on Rebalance Pilates at Home.

There is a wide variety of content on the streaming site ranging from foundational videos to various levels of Pilates workouts (Restorative, New and Intermediate) and more specialty-based collections like prop work and interval training.

When building Rebalance Pilates at Home, I wanted the arrangement of the collections to mimic the stages you would experience when working with an instructor in a studio.

The Collections begin with the Foundation classes, which take you through the proper set up for all the positions we will encounter during a class. Learning how to properly set yourself up for each exercise is really important, especailly since I am not available in-person to help you make corrections.

When I teach a class, I want to jump right into the work so we can maximizing your time and your workout. Going through the Foundations videos will help you move forward in your Pilates journey safely, efficiently and effectively.

Following the Foundations classes, the next collection you will see is the Restorative section. These classes are designed for those who want to move more slowly and deliberately through the Pilates work. While the classes do have a therapeutic bent to them and are wonderful for those recovering from an injury or illness, the exercises and information in these classes can benefit all of us, no matter where you are in your movement journey.

Next we move to the New to Pilates section. This collection houses workouts for those who are beginners to the Pilates work. That doesn’t mean you won’t get a workout! The classes will challenge you, but the intensity level is less than an intermediate class. It is assumed when you take these classes, the participant does not have any acute injuries or pain. I offer as many options as I can to make the work as accessible as possible for all bodies, but this is a fitness class so I encourage you to listen to your body and its needs.

The Intermediate Pilates classes are next and these classes are more challenging than New to Pilates. Doing New to Pilates will give you a solid foundation when heading to the Intermediate classes. The workouts are more intense in nature but still achievable.

Pilates Interval Training classes are quick, fun and get the heart rate up! The classes are a mix of cardio and Pilates. I play around with the classic HIIT format, bringing the heart rate up with a cardio-based exercise and then slowing it down with a Pilates-based work.

Pilatesbites was created when the Covid-19 pandemic began. I started filming Instagram Live classes to help myself and others stay connected to their bodies and move during a time when we weren’t able to leave our homes. Over 120 classes later, I brought Pilatesbites to an end, but they live on on Rebalance Pilates at Home.

These classes are under 30 minutes and offer layers to the workout giving the class a choose your own adventure quality, allowing you to decide how intense you want your workout to be on the day. They were designed for anyone to join, no matter your level of Pilates.

Prop Pilates involves Pilates work using various small equipment. I have classes showcasing loop bands, small balls, big stability balls, foam rollers, pillows and towels. These classes fall closer to the intermediate level in terms of difficulty, but again, I always offer options so you can adjust for your needs.

Finally, Tutorials. Tutorials is a fun section for those looking to learn more about the Pilates exercises and to perfect their movements. I highlight and break down some of the more popular Pilates exercises.

Whew! As you can see, there is A LOT to discover on Rebalance Pilates at Home!

And new videos are added weekly!

I also have bundle packages available for those not looking to commit to a monthly subscription. Bundles consist of 3-5 videos dedicated to a specific subject. You can find the bundles available for purchase on my website, Rebalance Pilates. 

I have big plans for Rebalance Pilates at Home, including physiotherapist collaborations, new collections to discover, new bundles to explore and new teaching voices.

We are just getting started. I hope you join us on this adventure.



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