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When I started Rebalance Pilates at Home, I had no expectations of how it was going to grow. I focused on making good and informative content. Content that would help subscribers meet their personal movement goals and feel more centered and at home in their bodies.

I wanted to explore the process and allow it to expand organically. At no point have I pushed things forward in a way that didn’t feel like it wasn’t the right direction for the site.

It started out as filming short Instagram Live workouts and has grown into a fully formed site with full-length workouts for all levels, specialty classes, and physiotherpay collaborations. We play with movement, exploring what the body can do, using Pilates as a means of recoverying from injury, strengthening muscles and holding yourself differently in your alignment and posture.

I have grown the website to a point where it was time to invite another instructor to join me in contributing content.

And so it is with such excitement and enthusiasm that I get to announce a new contributor to Rebalance Pilates at Home, my dear friend and collegue, Meghan Cafferky!

I met Meghan when we both worked behind the desk as receptionists and instructors-in-training at the Pilates Process in Toronto. 

Meghan is a fully certified Pilates Process® instructor and teacher trainer, specializing in both fitness and therapeutic Pilates. A graduate of York University with a BFA Honors in Dance, Meghan has always been passionate about movement, physical health and the human form. She is the co-founder of the Toronto dance collective Alias Dance Project and taught a variety of dance styles for many years. She was introduced to the world of Pilates for rehabilitative reasons after postpartum. Intrigued by how movement could be used as a therapeutic tool, she transitioned her teaching career to become a Pilates Instructor.

Meghan has taught in serval studios in Toronto, as well as in the homes of private clients. She now works as a Physiotherapy Assistant at Momentum Physiotherapy in Cornwall Ontario. In her continued desire to evolve as a therapeutic movement instructor, Meghan is currently training to become certified as a strength base yoga teacher.

Meghan’s knowledge and understanding of therapeutic work,  and her ability to give a killer fitness class, makes her the perfect first new controbutor to Rebalance Pilates at Home. Her enthusiasm for movement and personality transcend the screen. Subscribers to the platform will love her approach to therapeutic work and Intermediate Pilates lovers will really enjoy her challenging and fun classes.

As Meghan continues to explore her love of movement into Yoga training, keep an eye on Rebalance Pilates at Home for some Yoga content in the months to come. 

I could not be more excited to have Meghan join the team. Subscribe to Rebalance Pilates at Home to try Meghan’s and my classes. Come join the fun!



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