Physiotherapy and Pilates Collaboration

When I decided I wanted to focus my Pilates trianing on working with an injured population, I sought out Physiotherapy clinics; to make connections, to learn from them and to work alongside them. I have a huge amount of respect for Physiotherapists and I have always seen how well Physiotherapy and Pilates compliment each other.

We both have a love of anatomy and proper biomechanic movement. While Physios address the injury and surrounding area and work with the client to prevent further injury, Pilates explores how body movement as a whole can be programmed to reduce chance of re-injury.

I have had the chance to work along side some amazing Physiotherapists. And when I decided to add a Physiotherapy element to Rebalance Pilates at Home, the first Physio I went to was Claire McGlynn.

I met Claire while working at Adelaide West Physiotherapy. She is a fan of Pilates and sees the benefits of incorporating Pilates with Physio work.

And so I could not be more excited and thrilled to announce a collaboration between Rebalance Pilates and Claire McGlynn (@physiowithclaire)!

We have come together to give you a Physio/Pilates bundle focusing on Shoulder Impingement. Shoulder impingement issues are pretty common if there is stress at the rotator cuff. The bundle package offers several videos, including an anatomy lesson on the shoulder joint (very important to know this, as it will help with your recovery) , four classes of exercsies and progressions to take you through your recovery process, and three weekly schedules for you to follow to keep you on track with your work (schedules and exercise PDF will be sent out as additonal material after bundle purchase).

If you are in the Toronto area, there is also a link to work with Claire in-person at Adelaide West Physiotherapy.

I am then offering my Restorative Pilates: Shoulder Focus Pilates class as part of the bundle, to take you into a full body restorative class that will continue to help you strengthen the affected area and the body as a whole.

You can find this bundle for purchase under the ‘Online Pilates’ section of the Rebalance Pilates website.

Please Note: These classes are not meant to take the place of having an in-person assessment with a qualified Physiotherapist. We are merely offering you a reference tool to add another level of guidance and support through the recovery process and program you have developed alongside your Physiotherapist.

Recovery happens best when we work consistenly and with intention. The more you practice, the more your body adapts and adjusts, makes the changes it needs to recover and makes you stronger and less prone to re-injury.

We hope you enjoy this bundle package and that it helps you in supporting your recovery from shoulder impingement.

Robyn and Claire


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