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Why do we work with personal trainers? To help guide us through exercises, motivate us, and keep us accountable in our movement and fitness goals.

Le’ts explore this.

It can be hard to know or feel what your body is doing in space; the nuances of your movement. It helps to have another set of eyes on you to see where movement can become more efficient, where biomechanics can be tweaked to lead to less pain.

It’s also not always easy to create a workout for yourself. That’s why you work with fitness and movement professionals to create plans that will challenge and motivate you.

Meeting with that person once or twice a week keeps you accountable in your efforts.

With Covid-19, it has been more challenging to meet in person with instructors and, let’s face it, keeping up the motivation has been hard. And then you sign up for an online platform and there are so many choices of videos, it all becomes so overwhleming.

I want to help ease that feeling of being overwhelmed evey time you visit Rebalance Pilates at Home, while keeping you motivated. I know there is a lot of content to explore. I know it’s hard to know where to start.

So I have decided to create a weekly Pilates schedule. This schedule will be sent out every Monday morning in the New Class email sent to subscribers, and will give guidance on which videos to do that week.

Each video title is linked to that workout, so all you need to is click the link and off you go!

You can also find the weekly scheudle posted on the Rebalance Pilates wesbite, under Online Pilates.

By no means do you need to follow the schedule verbatim, but my hope is that it will take some of the overwhelm of the workouts out of the equation and give you a path to follow.

I’m hoping that having a schedule will also help keep you accountable with your fitness, and while I cannot necessarily see you in person, the videos I post offer many modifications and I am always happy to answer emails.

With this post you will see the first week’s schedule.

If you are a subscriber, you will receive this schedule in an email this weekend.

If you have not yet subscribed to Rebalance Pilates at Home, this is an example of the quality of attention to detail on my site and my dedication to helping you achieve your goals.

Let’s move together from the comfort of your home,



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